Heart Spring Bowl

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Locally Sourced
  • Heart Spring Bowl
  • Measures 8" or 10" Across
  • Inspired by vibrant thermal pools found in Yellowstone National Park. The reactions that occur when glass and minerals are exposed to extreme heat are reminiscent of the geologic forces at play in Yellowstone.
  • Each piece is unique and may vary slightly
  • Made in Montana by Artist Kathy Burk

"I design with glass. From my studio in Bozeman Montana, I experiment with the many properties of glass. I enjoy incorporating kiln glass, art glass, steel and found objects into my mosaic artwork to achieve a three-dimensional collage. I experiment with light and how it changes the appearance of glass and its texture. I fuse many layers of glass together under extreme temperatures and play with the reactive potential of lead, copper and sulfur that occur in the different colors. I learn the rules of working with glass, then, stretch those boundaries and create new possibilities.
Modern Relics is a series of complimentary artwork for both residential and commercial spaces. The designs include mosaic collages to hang on your wall, unique lighting to brighten your interior, and kiln glass as decorative sculpture or functional ware."