Feather of Honor Mug

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Made in the USA
  • Feather of Honor Mug
  • Features art by Native American artist Bill Rabbit
  • Mug made in the USA
  • Traci’s work captures the spirit of the Native American woman that does indeed embody the best in female strength. From the proud lift of her chin to the strands of her hair, caught by the wind, she appears to weather all storms. Her paintings represent the way it feels to be female: to fly in the face of all that comes, with fierce dignity, energy and strength, but they also capture women’s ability to be gentle, yielding, kind, and passionate.
    The daughter of Cherokee national treasure and internationally known artist, Bill Rabbit and mother, Karen Rabbit, Traci considers herself blessed to be able to work on her art while sharing time with family. She notes that she keeps one foot steeped in tradition and the other exploring the possibilities of applying modern technology to her art and business.