Wildflower Viscose Scarf

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  • Yellowstone Wildflower Scarf
  • 100% Viscose
  • Variety of Rocky Mountain Region wildflowers and their names
  • Imported


Vivian's Staff Pick


From Dalton GA, Based in Gardiner MT

Retail Coordinator

Worked for Xanterra for 13 years

"I grew up in small-town Dalton, GA, and when I was in college, I decided I needed a summer adventure.  I started looking online for different “adventure jobs” and while there were many things that popped up, Yellowstone is what called me.  I came out for 3 months in 2009, but it just wasn’t enough.  Two years later in 2011, I came back and began working summers and winters.  Most of my time has been in retail, but I did spend 3.5 years in recruiting.  I even moved to Denver to work in the corporate office for a year and a half.  However, I soon realized that I missed Yellowstone too much, and I had to come back.

I love Yellowstone because of the people you meet here, both guests and employees.  And I love retail, because most of the guests we work with are happy and excited to be here.  It’s fun to help them find something that will remind them of this amazing place.  I wanted to highlight the wildflower scarf because when I hike, I always look for how many different flowers I can find.  They bring me joy, and I am amazed at all the different colors, shapes, and smells that the wildflowers have!  My favorite wildflower is fireweed, but I also love harebell and forget-me-nots."